Taking on the Crisis of High Drug Prices in America

Prescription Justice advocates for regulatory and legislative reforms and common sense policies to lower drug prices in America and expand access to lower cost medication from pharmacies in other countries.

Prescription Justice empowers consumers to defend their personally imported prescription drug orders if the FDA refuses to allow their imports of lawfully manufactured, prescribed medication.

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06 Feb 2017
New Analysis Showing that 45 Million Americans Forego Medications Due to Costs

Today, Prescription Justice issued a press release announcing new data showing that 45 million Americans did not fill a prescription in 2016 because of drug costs and the publication of its policy report recommending that President Donald Trump take executive actions to help consumers more easily import lower cost medications for personal use. Previously, Prescription Justice reported that 35 million American adults did not fill a prescription because of cost. The new data, extracted from the Commonwealth Fund’s 2016 International Health Policy Survey of Adults, shows the crisis of high drug prices to be worse than is widely reported. (more…)

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Prescription Justice announces new data showing that 45 million Americans did not fill a prescription last year because of drug costs.

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New Policy Report Recommending Immediate Executive Action By The Trump Administration. Read the Report
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