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28 Feb 2017

"By introducing the Affordable and Safe Prescription Drug Importation Act, Sens. Sanders, Booker and Casey have heeded the call of the millions of Americans who struggle each year with the insurmountable costs of prescription drugs " said Jodi Dart, executive director of Prescription Justice. "This legislation will provide new safety protocols and guidance for American consumers who need access to lower cost medications from safe international pharmacies, beginning with Canada.  Last year, 45 million Americans did not fill a prescription because of costs, and a recent poll commissioned by Prescription Justice shows overwhelming majorities support changes that will bring down drug prices. President Trump and members of Congress have an opportunity to make good on their promises to lower drug prices for American consumers. We hope they will have the political will and courage to pass this important legislation."

Prescription Justice is a non-profit organization that brings together doctors, lawyers, public health advocates, and companies dedicated to helping people afford medication. Prescription Justice advocates for legislative and policy reforms to allow personal prescription importation, permitting Medicare to negotiate drug prices, and ending "pay to delay" activities by pharmaceutical companies that prevent lower cost generics from coming to market.

19 Nov 2015

Prescription Justice Action Group (PJAG), a new non-profit organization, is here to help bring justice to American consumers who are literally sick from the high cost of prescription medication. New federal regulations and other actions by the government and pharmaceutical industry, particularly toward online pharmacies, threaten access to safe and affordable imported medication. PJAG recently formed to coordinate a response to these developments and to advocate for policies to bring down drug prices here at home.

Its Board of Directors supports new laws and regulations to lower drug prices in the U.S. and opposes current laws and regulations that obstruct access to safe and affordable medication, both domestic and foreign.