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Please join the growing number of consumer, health and social justice organizations in signing Prescription Justice’s coalition letter to members of Congress in support of allowing Americans to obtain lower cost and safe medications from Canada and other countries. The letter specifically calls for the passage of the Affordable and Safe Prescription Drug Importation Act of 2017. The Act would expressly allow importation of lower cost medications from Canada, and, after two years, other countries with strong pharmaceutical regulations. The letter also recognizes that Americans already import medication for personal use, regardless of the federal restrictions, often ordering from international online pharmacies. The Act would require the FDA to register qualified Canadian pharmacies and identify legally compliant websites that sell FDA-approved medications directly to consumers with valid prescriptions; create registration requirements with multiple layers of oversight to permit U.S. pharmacies to import wholesale quantities that could be sold at a much lower price; and increase penalties for online pharmacies that knowingly sell counterfeit drugs. Passing drug importation legislation is just one important step of many to come in bringing an end to the crisis of high drug prices in America, and it’s time we took that step together!

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Signatories To The Prescription Justice Letter To Congress Supporting The Affordable And Safe Prescription Drug Importation Act

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