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    Taking on the Crisis of High Drug Prices in America

    Tens of millions of Americans are going without the prescription drugs they need because the prices are too high. This is not a partisan issue. We the people want action, but the government is beholden to the drug companies.

    Here’s what Prescription Justice is doing:

    Grading politicians and getting them on the record about drug prices.

    Advocating for serious regulatory and legislative reforms that will substantially lower drug prices in America and expand access to lower-cost medication from abroad.

    Bringing people together on a bipartisan basis to end the crisis of high drug prices. 

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    12 Aug 2019

    Statement by Prescription Justice Board of Directors on the Trump Administra...

    The Prescription Justice Board of Directors stands with AARP and Families USA in support of the administration’s Safe Importation Action Plan but strongly urges Congress and the administration to quickly enact more impactful reforms to address the nation’s prescription drug […]

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    21 Aug 2019

    Prescription Justice Weekly Media Update

    Prescription Drug Prices Make Americans Sick, Regardless of Politics

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    Policy Report Recommending Immediate Executive Action by the Trump Administration

    Read The Report
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