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Taking on the Crisis of High Drug Prices in America



High drug prices are among the most egregious examples of corporate interests undermining our political system and imperiling the lives and wellbeing of ordinary citizens. Prescription Justice is a non-profit, non-partisan organization, welcoming people and organizations from all parties into our movement. We stand with the majority of Americans — Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike — united in overwhelming support for solutions that substantially lower drug prices.

Here's what Prescription Justice is doing about it:

Grading politicians and
getting them on the record
about drug prices.

Advocating for serious
regulatory and
legislative reforms.

Bringing people together
on a bi-partisan basis to
end the crisis of high drug prices.



Americans have a right to know where their members of Congress stand on drug prices, and to make informed decisions in the ballot box.


Prescription Justice operates with a bi-partisan, non-partisan spirit. People across the political spectrum share a sense of unifying skepticism toward big pharmaceutical companies and members of Congress who are financially beholden to their interests.

For example, 92% of American voters support Medicare negotiating drug prices and 72% support legalizing imports of lower-cost safe and effective drugs.  Seeing legislation pass to put those policies to work would be a major challenge to the industry - but exactly what most Americans need!

We are grading members of Congress on:


 their positions on policies and actions to lower drug prices


 how much money they take from drug companies

Who We Are

Prescription Justice, a 501c4 non-profit organization, brings together doctors, lawyers, public health and consumer advocates, and political activists dedicated to lowering drug prices in the United States. We advocate for all Americans, registered with all political parties, who are sick of high drug prices, and tired of greedy drug companies and the politicians they control. We also stand up for those who need to access more affordable imported medications now and stand against actions by the pharmaceutical industry that mislead and misinform the public.

Forty-five million Americans did not fill a prescription in 2016 due to cost. Millions often choose between food and medicine in the world’s richest country. Forgoing prescribed medication leads to sickness and death, and even larger healthcare costs from hospitalizations when patients stop taking their medications. Prescription Justice is dedicated to ending this crisis of high drug prices.

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Holding Congress accountable by grading, naming and shaming

Calling out the pharmaceutical industry for its efforts to mislead and misinform elected officials and the public

Advocating and lobbying to pass our legislative and policy agenda


Building public support for our agenda through online marketing and campaigning

Protecting Personal Importation for Americans who need that lifeline of affordable medicine