What is Prescription Justice?

Prescription Justice brings together doctors, lawyers, public health and consumer advocates, and political activists dedicated to ending the crisis of high drug prices in America. The top 60 brand-name drugs sold in the United States cost on average almost four times more than in other high-income countries. This injustice must not stand.
We advocate for all Americans who are sick of high drug prices, and tired of greedy drug companies and the politicians they control. We also stand up for those who need to access more affordable imported medications now through personal importation. And we stand against actions by the pharmaceutical industry that mislead and misinform the public.

What does Prescription Justice do?

We advocate for legislative and regulatory reforms that will bring down drug prices in the United States in line with those of other high-income countries. That is the only fair result for Americans. In doing so we aim to bring Americans together on a bi-partisan or non-partisan basis. Unlike most issues in our country, drug prices can unite independent, Democrat, and Republican voters. For that reason, we only focus on lowering drug prices and do not delve into other issues.
Advocacy takes the form of making our voices heard in Washington, social media, blogging, op-ed writing, and coalition building, in support of our policy agenda.


What will make drug prices lower in the United States?

There are essentially three ways to substantially bring down drug prices. The first is for the government to negotiate with drug companies by using our large population’s market power to get a fair deal. To that end, Prescription Justice supported the Inflation Reduction Act’s passage, which allows Medicare to negotiate prices on ten of the most expensive drugs paid for under the Medicare program. 


The second is to allow businesses to import prescription drugs at the lower prices charged in other countries and to expand safe personal drug importation. 


The third is to end the anticompetitive patent games played by drug companies to keep lower-cost generic drugs off the market longer.


See the Prescription Justice Policy Platform.


What about buying cheaper prescription drugs from Canada and other countries now?

Americans need lower prices now. Prescription Justice vociferously advocates laws, regulations, and policies that protect the access patients currently have to safely import prescription drugs for themselves at prices they can afford and to expand that access.


Why are prescription drug prices so much higher in the U.S. than in other countries?

In most other countries, drug prices are subject to different laws, regulations, and policies that keep prices much lower for the same drugs sold in the U.S. For Medicare, but not the private market, the U.S. recently began negotiating prices on ten of the most costly drugs for the government and patients. Otherwise, the U.S. allows drug companies to charge whatever the market will bear. That means the highest prices are charged to American patients for the greatest corporate profits for the pharmaceutical companies. 


Are there ways to find lower-cost medication in the U.S.?

Yes. There are many ways you can find more affordable medication in the U.S., but it takes a lot of work. Generic drugs in the U.S. are often much cheaper than in Canada, particularly for older drugs on which many manufacturers compete for market share. For patented brand-name drugs, the prices in Canada and other countries are usually much lower.


We’ve created our RX Savings page to help you find relief.


It shouldn’t be this hard, and that’s why Prescription Justice is dedicated to making prescription drug prices fair like it is in many other countries.


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