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Colleen Kenny

Colleen Kenny LaRocque  Marketing Executive

Colleen “Col” LaRocque has spent her career studying how ideas spread, affect behavior, and drive change. An avid creator and consumer of all manner of content, Colleen delights in peoples’ eternal quest for understanding and growth. Colleen spent two decades in marketing, integrated communications, and content leadership roles at Fortune 100 companies, and is the owner of Col Rock LLC, a boutique content consultancy catering to corporations, startups, nonprofits, and individuals. Before that, she was Vice President in charge of content marketing and communications for the CBS Television Network. While creating content strategies and customer acquisition campaigns for some of the world’s best-known entertainment brands, Colleen’s adventures traversed Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and Silicon Valley/Alley amid the explosion of social media on mobile devices and binge viewing on streaming platforms. Colleen has a Master’s degree in Mass Communication from UNC-Chapel Hill and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Spanish from the University of Notre Dame. She is a 200-hour Certified Yoga Instructor who enjoys teaching and practicing with friends.

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