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Lindsay C. Brown

Lindsay C. Brown  Software Developer

Lindsay Brown is a software developer and project manager who ran for the US House of Representatives in the 2018 Republican primary in New Jersey’s 7th district. Lindsay attended Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY for her bachelors in Psychology. She built her career from part-time administrative roles and climbed the ranks to lead digital projects and software development efforts at the New York Post, experiential media agency Impact XM, and Thinx Inc. Lindsay is a full-stack web
 developer with strong familiarity of the MERN stack, SQL databases, and AWS architecture. In partnership with Severna Labs, Lindsay developed a sales tool aimed at FDA Outsourcing Facilities (503B) to aid in more efficient R&D decisions to get drugs on shortage back on the market through alternative sources. Politically, Lindsay is passionate about rebuilding the Republican party to reflect its historical values of diversity and inclusion, individual responsibility to uphold the public good, and civil liberties by championing causes that are important to all Americans, such as prescription drug policy reform, and electing new and diverse voices to positions of authority. She lives in New Jersey with her husband Andrew, daughter Hanna, and rescue animals.


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