Prescription Justice works to lower drug prices in America and protect access to personal imports of lower-cost medicines.



Prescription Justice Launches Congressional Drug Prices Report Card

In October, Prescription Justice published letter grades of U.S. senators that reflect their policy positions on lowering drug prices and relationships with the pharmaceutical industry. These grades will help voters identify which politicians are dedicated to lowering drug prices or are beholden to Big Pharma.  
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Prescription Justice’s Board of Directors Support the New Florida Drug Importation Law

Prescription Justice’s Board of Directors issued a statement of support for the drug importation law in Florida, and those in Vermont and Colorado. The statement was a rebuttal to an April Wall Street Journal article by its editorial board, one that seemed to articulate every argument employed by the pharmaceutical industry to misinform the public about drug importation. 
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Prescription Justice Petition to Demand Congress Bring Relief to Millions Who Can't Afford Prescription Drugs

Prescription Justice joined with nine other health, social justice and consumer advocacy organizations to launch a petition to demand Congress act to bring relief to the millions of Americans who can’t afford the prescription drugs they need. The online petition prioritizes ending the ban on Medicare negotiating drug prices, making pay-for-delay deals illegal, and permitting wider access to lower-cost, imported medication through legislative, regulatory, and policy reforms.
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Healthcare Providers Letter to Federal Government protecting patients’ Access to Lower Cost Medication Through Prescription Drug Importation

In a letter sent to President Donald Trump, members of Congress and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the healthcare providers expressed their alarm over FDA’s action in Florida against offices that primarily serve older Americans who prefer in-person assistance with purchasing medications from Canada and other countries, rather than using an internet site.
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Policy Report Recommending Immediate Executive Action by the Trump Administration

Prescription Justice developed a framework and recommendations designed to provide immediate relief from high drug prices by expressly permitting consumers to import lower cost medication for personal use from safe international online pharmacies.
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Sign-On Letter to Support The Affordable and Safe Prescription Drug Importation Act of 2017

Prescription Justice's organizational sign-on letter to members of Congress supports the passage of the Affordable and Safe Prescription Drug Importation Act of 2017, introduced by Senators Cory Booker, Bob Casey, and Bernie Sanders and Representative Elijah Cummings. The Act would expressly allow importation of lower cost medications from Canada, and, after two years, other countries with strong pharmaceutical regulations. The letter also recognizes that Americans already import medication for personal use, regardless of the federal restrictions, often ordering from international online pharmacies.
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Prescription Justice Rx Rip-offs Report

Prescription Justice released its first Rx Rip-offs Report detailing the top 12 highest dollar prescription drug price hikes. Using data compiled from public sources, all 12 of the “dirty dozen” on Prescription Justice’s Rx Rip-offs list have risen more than $600 per monthly prescription over the past five years, and the top five medications on the list have all risen more than $1,600 in that timeframe.
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Prescription Justice Zogby Poll on Drug Prices

A poll, conducted by Zogby Analytics for Prescription Justice, found that 75 percent of all Americans agree with President Trump that pharmaceutical companies are “getting away with murder” when it comes to drug pricing.  Prescription Justice’s poll also shows that there is substantial support for both administrative and congressional solutions to the high price of prescription drugs.
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Prescription Justice Analysis Showing that 45 Million Americans Forego Medications Due to Costs

Analysis conducted by Prescription Justice shows that about 45 million Americans did not fill a prescription in 2016. The analysis is based on data extracted from the Commonwealth Fund’s 2016 International Health Policy Survey of Adults.
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Brussels Principles on Medication Sales Over the Internet

Prescription Justice organized a panel for the RightsCon 2017 conference in Brussels, which addressed protecting online access to safe and affordable medication. At that conference, the participants established the Brussels Principles pertaining to medication sales over the Internet and prescription drug importation.
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Myths and Facts about Importation
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Utah House Bill 163 – The Prescription Drug Affordability Act
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