GRADING Congress

Prescription Justice is holding members of Congress accountable by grading them on drug prices.


That means we are researching and assessing their votes, bill sponsorships, public statements, and last but not least, the money they take from pharmaceutical companies. We created multi-factor, dynamic methodologies for the Senate and the House to determine a final grade. But you be the judge!


Bottom line is that we are naming and shaming, lauding and applauding members of Congress based on their actions and positions on drug prices. For additional points, members can go on record in partial or full support of the Prescription Justice Policy Platform by filling out a drug prices policy questionnaire, referred to as the Prescription Justice Pledge.


Drug prices are the number one healthcare cost concern today. Americans, Republicans and Democrats alike, are united on which policies are needed to bring down drug prices. Let’s vote for people who are not beholden to the pharmaceutical industry and will take the actions necessary to end the crisis of high drug prices. The drug prices grade will help.


House Grade Methodology Senate Grade Methodology

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