The Questionnaire

The Prescription Justice Questionnaire on Drug Prices in America

We are giving members of Congress, the President, and people running for office, the opportunity to state their positions on the Prescription Justice policy platform listed below.


Go on the record now:

Questionnaire form for Members of Congress

Questionnaire form for other candidates for political office


Recognizing that drug prices are a public health crisis; 


Recognizing that all Americans, regardless of their ability to pay, should have access to all Covid-19 treatments and vaccines;


Ending the ban that prevents Medicare from negotiating lower drug prices with pharmaceutical companies;


Making reverse payment arrangements between brand and generic companies illegal, also known as "pay-for-delay";


Ending "evergreening" practices, in which drug companies tweak the original drug to extend the patent;


Using trade agreements to improve not hinder generic drug availability, with a focus on getting biosimilars to market faster;


Legalizing the importation of lower-cost medication from Canada and other countries with similarly strict pharmaceutical regulations; and


Using FDA enforcement discretion to permit individuals with valid prescriptions to import more affordable medication for personal use.

Members of Congress and other candidates running for office that complete the Prescription Justice questionnaire form will be featured in our blog and in social media posts.

Members of Congress can raise their Prescription Justice Report Card grades or get a head start on new grades that will be published in the Spring of 2020 by filling out the Prescription Justice Questionnaire.

Questionnaire form for members of Congress

Questionnaire form for other candidates running for political office

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