Americans Believe That Drug Prices Are a Rip-Off, Demand Change

Posted at 12:33 PM on Mar 7, 2017


Morning Consult, a nonpartisan digital media and research company, has published an op-ed, The RX Rip-off, by Prescription Justice’s Executive Director, Jodi Dart. The op-ed highlights Prescription Justice’s recent poll by Zogby analytics that reveals roughly 79 percent of Americans believe prescription drug prices are too high, and nearly 52 percent believe that pharmaceutical companies engage in price gouging and put profits over patients. The poll also shows that overwhelming majorities support changes that will bring down drug prices, which comes hard on the heels of new Prescription Justice analysis showing 45 million Americans did not fill a prescription last year due to cost.

Ms. Dart writes that there are concrete steps that members of Congress and the Trump administration should take to help the millions of Americans who struggle with the high cost of prescription medications. These include allowing Medicare to negotiate with pharmaceutical manufacturers to lower prices, ending pay to delay to increase access to generic drugs and importing less expensive drugs from other countries, and, finally, making personal drug importation legal.  Ms. Dart also emphasizes that President Trump could immediately help Americans through executive actions to expressly permit the safe use of international online pharmacies on which orders are placed to import medication for personal use.


To read Ms. Dart’s full op-ed, click here.

To read the policy report, click here.

To see the Zogby poll on drug prices, click here.

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