Candidate Ryan Watts for U.S. Congress Adopts Prescription Justice Drug Prices Policy Platform

Posted at 2:21 PM on May 11, 2018


prescription drug costs.pngAs President Donald Trump gives his big speech on drug prices today, we’re going to highlight a young candidate for U.S. Congress who is clearly on the side of the people on the issue of drug prices. Ryan Watts, Democratic candidate for Congress in the 6th District of North Carolina, became the first candidate to complete the Prescription Justice Drug Prices Policy Platform Questionnaire, a national bipartisan effort to provide members of Congress and candidates for statewide and federal offices an opportunity to state their position on the Prescription Justice policy platform. We applaud Candidate Watts for his pro-patient/pro-consumer position on drug pricing by fully adopting the Prescription Justice Policy Platform, which includes:

  •Ending the ban that prevents Medicare from negotiating lower drug prices with pharmaceutical   companies;

  •Making reverse payment arrangements between brand and generic companies, also known as “pay-for-delay” illegal;

  •Legalizing the importation of lower-cost medication from Canada and other countries with similarly strict pharmaceutical regulations; and

  •Using reasonable, commonsense, and compassionate enforcement discretion to permit individuals to import small quantities of affordable medication to fill prescriptions.

As drug prices continue to soar, less and less patients can afford the lifesaving medications they need. Each year, tens of millions of Americans forgo filling a prescription because of cost.

It has never been more important than now for Congress to stand up to drug companies and support common sense policy solutions that will lower drug prices in America and expand access to safe and affordable medications from licensed pharmacies in other countries. Poll after poll shows that Americans’ top priority for policy makers is to take action to address the high cost of prescription drugs.

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