Florida’s Canadian Wholesale Drug Importation Program Is A Step in The Right Direction

Posted at 7:33 PM on Jan 12, 2024


Last week, the FDA approved Florida’s Canadian wholesale drug importation program. Brand name drug prices are substantially lower in Canada, providing Florida with an opportunity to save an estimated 150 million dollars annually.  The law, Section 804 of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act has permitted wholesale importation from Canada since 2003, but only subject to certification by the Secretary of Health and Human Services that the importation would pose no additional risk and it would achieve substantial savings. That certification was made in 2020, in conjunction with the issuing of a federal rule mapping out requirements for states to administer importation programs. Florida is the first state to have its application approved by the FDA.


Prescription Justice founder and board chair, Gabriel Levitt, stated:


“We are pleased that the FDA has finally given the green light to a Canadian wholesale importation program. This is long overdue. It’s no secret that millions of Americans have been importing prescription drugs for personal use from Canada—and other countries—for decades. This program effectuates a regulatory infrastructure for safe wholesale importation from Canada. We have no illusions that this is a panacea for the crisis of high drug prices. Canada is far too small to serve the pharmaceutical demands of the larger U.S. market in the long term.  However, we believe Florida’s valiant effort can achieve substantial savings on some drugs, which will prove the safety and savings potential of wholesale importation, allowing for further expansion to other countries.”


“As I see it, Americans won’t have prescription justice until their drug prices are the same as in other high-income countries. That’s our goal, and the state wholesale importation programs are a step in the right direction.”


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