Over 50,000 Sign-on to the Prescription Justice Policy Platform for Lower Prescription Drug Prices

Posted at 3:12 PM on Jan 22, 2018


import 2.jpgPrescription Justice recently joined with nine other health, social justice and consumer advocacy organizations to launch a petition to demand Congress act to bring relief to the millions of Americans who can’t afford the prescription drugs they need. 

The online petition largely echoes the Prescription Justice policy platform which prioritizes ending the ban on Medicare negotiating drug prices, making pay-for-delay deals illegal, and permitting wider access to lower-cost, imported medication through legislative, regulatory, and policy reforms.

The high cost of prescription drugs is a national public health crisis. Tens of millions of Americans have not filled a prescription because of cost. Millions have had to choose between their medications and a necessity like food or housing – putting their life at risk. The petition calls for an end to this devastating crisis through passage of common-sense policies aimed at lowering drug prices in America and expanding access to affordable medications in other countries, which are immensely popular with the American public. 

Members of Congress should be responsive to the will of the people. When it comes to drug prices, an overwhelming bipartisan majority of Americans want their elected officials to take action, including making it lawful to import medication from Canada and allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices.

The petition, which has received about 52,000 signatures as of today, is part of a larger initiative led by Prescription Justice to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions on drug pricing.

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