PJAG’s Fresh Face to Better Help Protect Access to Affordable Medication

Posted at 1:10 PM on Jun 6, 2016


Looks are not what counts but…as you may have noticed, our website has been completely redesigned with the goals of creating greater clarity of purpose and usability.  In other words, the new site is not only easier on the eyes but contains a far more intuitive information architecture and navigation process for our visitors. It will also better enable us to educate consumers, activists, and elected officials about the work of PJAG and its mission to bring justice to Americans who can’t afford the medications they need to stay healthy and live. It’s a site that is more worthy of that mission. We’re just sorry it took so long!

More is coming soon! We are building a web form portal to make it much easier to generate a letter to send to the FDA to defend medication orders that are intercepted and refused import by the FDA. Stay tuned…

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