Prescription Justice Grades Senators on Drug Prices

Posted at 5:19 PM on Oct 17, 2019


report card.pngToday, Prescription Justice announced that it has published a Congressional report card on drug prices. This first of its kind Congressional report card on drug prices can help voters and political organizations determine who they want to support in upcoming elections.

The report card evaluates the voting records and actions of 91 U.S. senators who were in office at the end of the last Congress. The drug prices grade methodology specifically looks at votes, bill sponsorships, campaign contributions, and public statement by senators on drug prices. Grades on all senators from the current Congress and members of the House of Representatives are forthcoming next year.

Likewise, we’re excited and proud to announce the new design of our website. It reflects our belief that we can unite Americans, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, to hold our elected officials accountable when it comes to drug prices. Big Pharma’s stranglehold on Congress must end. Join us in doing so.

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