Prescription Justice President Op-Ed Featured in The Nation

Posted at 4:29 PM on Apr 4, 2019


gabe.jpgEarlier this week, Prescription Justice founder Gabriel Levitt published an article in The Nation entitled, “Is the FDA Misleading Congress About the Safety of Imported Medicines?”. While we advocate for policies and legislative reforms to bring down drug prices here in the U.S., the article highlights the fact that personal prescription drug importation is already a lifeline for millions of Americans who can’t afford their medications here. Yet despite the FDA’s recent testimony to Congress that its regulatory and enforcement actions against illegal imports are focused on curtailing counterfeit drugs, opioids and rogue online pharmacies, the agency’s actions tell another story in which safe personal importation is under threat. Read about regulatory actions by the FDA that benefit drug company bottom lines, not American patients and taxpayers.

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