Prescription Justice President’s Statement Becomes Part of the Congressional Record

Posted at 5:28 PM on Dec 31, 2019



Prescription Justice is proud to announce that a statement prepared by PJ President Gabriel Levitt for the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee on “Investing In The U.S. Health System By Lowering Drug Prices, Reducing, Out-of-Pocket Costs and Improving the Medicare Benefit” is now part of the official congressional record. Mr. Levitt’s testimony, submitted for the October 17, 2019 Committee hearing, highlights drug price analysis in a recent report by the House Ways and Means Committee entitled “A Painful Pill to Swallow: U.S. vs. International Prescription Drug Prices.”

The purpose of Mr. Levitt’s statement was to “bring to the attention of the House Ways and Means Committee the reality of how the very drug prices identified in the Committee Report are already providing relief for millions of people via personal medicine prescription orders placed on international online pharmacies.”

Each year, tens of millions of Americans struggle with the insurmountable costs of prescription drugs. Mr. Levitt emphasizes that prescription drug importation has been and continues to be a lifeline for millions of Americans: about 20 million according to a 2016 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

As part of the Prescription Justice Policy Platform, we believe that Americans should have the freedom to lawfully purchase affordable, safe and effective medications from other countries, where savings of up to 90 percent are common on brand name drugs.

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