Representative Tom Malinowski’s Actions on Drug Prices Earns Top Grade on Prescription Justice Report Card

Posted at 3:10 PM on Oct 7, 2020


malinowski.jpgRep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ7) is one of a very small number of members of the U.S. House of Representatives to receive an A- in our Congressional Report Card on Drug Prices. Only 16 other House members received an A-, A or A+. The congressman’s high grade is based on his voting record and because he has taken the Prescription Justice Pledge, proclaiming support for the Prescription Justice Policy Platform on lowering drug prices. We applaud Rep. Malisnowski for his actions to help end the crisis of high drug prices in America! 

The central methodology (Senate and House) of the Report Card rewards those members of Congress who not only vote the right way but are the most active and committed on the issue of drug prices. For example, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX), received A’s on the report card. Sen. Sanders for decades has loudly stood up to the pharmaceutical industry, shining a light on their greedy and sometimes shady activities, and introducing game-changer bills to substantially bring down drug prices. More recently, Rep. Doggett has taken the lead in the House in the battle to take actions on drug prices. He has vigorously worked to build support among his fellow members of Congress for serious legislative proposals on drug prices.  

The report card grade is based on four factors related to drug prices: 1) Votes, 2) Sponsorship and co-sponsorship of bills, 3) Donations taken from drug manufacturers, and 4) Policy positions and statements on member websites. The best grades, based on these factors alone, go to the most committed and active members. 

However, we understand that different members of Congress focus on and are experts in different public policy issues. Many members do not focus on drug prices. Other areas of healthcare might be their focus. Perhaps environmental, labor or tax policy are their focuses - but they support the same policies advocated by members such as Sen. Sanders and Rep. Doggett. In creating the grade methodology, we wanted to provide a pathway for those members. By taking the Prescription Justice Pledge, members are rewarded with a full grade promotion (e.g. D to C; C to a B; B to an A).  

Congressman Tom Malinsowsi took the Prescription Justice pledge to publicly go on the record that he supports real legislative and regulatory reforms and lower drug prices in America. We hope and encourage more members of Congress to take the pledge as well. 


We reached out to Rep. Malinowski’s challenger for the upcoming election, Thomas Kean,(R) giving him the opportunity to take the Prescription Justice Pledge. To date, Mr. Kean has not responded to our request. 

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