75% Americans Agree with Trump: Drug Prices Are Too High

Posted at 12:44 PM on Feb 21, 2017


According to a new Zogby Poll, 75% of Americans agree with President Trump that the pharmaceutical industry is “getting away with murder” on drug prices. While Republican members of Congress have prioritized the dismantling of Obamacare, the majority of Americans, both Republican and Democrats alike, are clearly concerned about prescription drug costs.  The poll shows that 79 percent of Americans believe drug prices are too high, while nearly 52 percent believe the pharmaceutical industry is price gouging and putting profits over patients.

There is a clearly a public health crisis. Too many Americans are going without necessary medications because of their skyrocketing costs. This new poll shows the serious effects of exorbitant drug prices on consumers: because of costs, nearly 1 in 3 Americans say they have gone without medication and 1 in 4 have had to choose between medication and a necessity like food or housing.

Despite the technical illegality, prescription drug importation already provides access to life saving medications for millions of Americans. Americans agree – 77% who registered an opinion – that legalizing personal drug importation is the right thing to do. 

This new poll comes on the heels of new data analysis released by Prescription Justice, based on survey data from the Commonwealth Fund, showing that 45 million Americans did not fill a prescription last year due to cost.  

We hope the Trump Administration and members of Congress heed the call from the clear bipartisan majority of Americans who believe drug prices are too high and support legislative and regulatory reforms to bring drug prices down. Under current law, President Trump can use executive actions, which we suspect would be wildly popular, to help more Americans immediately access lower cost, personally imported medications. 

The poll was conducted by Zogby Analytics February 2nd through the 4th and has a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points. 

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