Prescription Justice President Pens Op Ed for The New York Daily News

Posted at 2:28 PM on Dec 23, 2019


The New York Daily News recently published the Op-Ed United we stand, at least on drug prices by Prescription Justice President, Gabriel Levitt.

Mr. Levitt’s Op-Ed underscores the fact that while there is little consensus among voters from different political parties, there is one stark exception: prescription drug prices. Americans from all political parties agree that prescription drug prices are unreasonable.

According to Mr. Levitt, most Americans also agree that allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices is necessary to help lower drug prices. In fact, 92% of Democratic, 85% of Republican and 90% of Independent voters agree that Congress should lift the ban put in place in 2003 that prevents Medicare from negotiating lower drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.

Removing the ban from Medicare drug price negotiations is an essential component to bringing down drug costs and is part of a mix of commonsense policy solutions in the Prescription Justice policy platform.

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